Essex Pub Walks

A series of walks in the Essex countryside accessible via public transport


This website provides details of a series of walks, the vast majority of which are located in Essex, based on the following broad principles:

  • The start and end of a walk should be at a railway station or bus stop

  • The walk should be worth doing (i.e. have features of interest)

  • Travel time to the start of the walk should not be excessive - normally an hour or less (although a few of our walks lie outside this 'limit')

  • There must be a pub involved that is open lunchtime and which sells real ale and, preferably, food.


The aim is to share the experiences of our group with others and, hopefully, provide ideas for walks you may not have tried. Our group and this website have nothing to do with any commercial organisation and we are independent of any other walking body.


There are currently details of 46 walks on this website, some with more than one option to their routes (see 'The Walks').


Welcome ...

Flatford Mill

Hadleigh Castle

Alresford Creek

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Flatford Mill

Site last updated on Saturday 29th September 2012

Alresford Creek 2 Hadleigh Castle from East

Note: As I have now moved to Dorset, it is unlikely that the overall number of walks will increase, although I will still try to make any necessary changes to the existing walks as they are fed through to me.