Essex Pub Walks

A series of walks in the Essex countryside accessible via public transport


Chipping Ongar Circular Walk Details - Option 1

We suggest that you should start the walk at a convenient time to get to the Green Man pub in Toot Hill for lunch - a distance of approximately 4 miles (6.5 Km) from the start.


Alight from the bus near The Two Brewers pub and walk westwards along The Borough road (at the bottom of Chipping Ongar High Street) before turning right into Fairfield Road and entering a housing estate. Walk north up Fairfield road, then take the second road off to the right, Rodney Road. After going straight, Rodney Road bends sharply to the left – follow this road along to its end. As it bends to the left and becomes Millbank Avenue, go straight ahead along a path that runs to the right of a small green, then bear right and follow a tarmac surfaced path that crosses a small field, heading for the far right-hand corner.  Turn sharp left (west) along a broad earth track ( here you have joined the The Essex Way) for three-quarters of a mile (1.2 Km) to St Andrew’s Church, Greensted, which is just south of Greenstead Hall. To get to the church, follow the track in roughly a straight line across a couple of fields until it reaches a belt of trees, by a way-marked post. Go through these trees and straight across a tarmac track, then follow a path with a wire fence on its left-hand side. Follow the fence as it bends to the left, then go through a gap in a hedge and follow the right-hand edge of the next field. Towards the end of the field, the path bears diagonally to the left across the field. At the end of the field, go through a way-marked wooden gate onto a narrow road. Go straight along this road to a T-junction – here turn right. St Andrews church is to your right and is well worth visiting – it is the oldest wooden church in Great Britain and, possibly, the world - visit website:                                                                           .


On leaving the church, turn right (north) and go through way-marked wooden gates into Hall Farm’s yard; on the far side of the yard, by a way-mark post, turn left and almost immediately right and follow a track that descends gradually. On reaching a way-mark post, go straight ahead (the Essex Way turns off left here). On reaching the entrance to Lavender Farm to your right, turn left and, in a short distance, right and follow the right-hand edge of a field, ascending through a wooden kissing gate into the next field. Keep straight along this path across the field, which eventually runs to the left of a hedge. Keep following the hedge to the top of the field, where the path enters a wooded area. It then crosses a footbridge before reaching  a T-junction with a track (Penson’s Lane). Turn left and follow this tree-lined ‘green lane’ for approximately half-a-mile (800 metres) to a tarmac lane, where you go bear left and walk along it – towards the end, it descends to a T-junction with Blake Hall Road in the village of Greensted Green. Turn left and then, almost immediately, right into Toot Hill Road – on your left are two lakes. Walk along this road for approximately 160 yards (150 metres) then, opposite Harding’s Farm, turn right by a footpath signpost onto a narrow footpath which initially runs to the left of a high wooden fence. At the end of the fence, bear left and follow the direction of the arrow on a way-mark post across a field - diagonally to your right, bearing away from a line of power lines away to your left and ascending to the brow of a low hill before descending to a gap in the far hedge-row by a way-mark post. Go through the hedgerow and across a second field, keeping in the same direction as before, to reach its far right-hand corner – just to the north of this field is the embankment of the original track of the disused Epping to Ongar Tube line. Turn sharp left at the field corner beside a footpath sign (with a bridge under the embankment to your right) onto a farm track. Walk south for nearly 1,000 yards (900 metres), keeping a long field to your left and a hedgerow to your right, ascending steadily to a water tower and Clunes House, at a T-junction with Mill Lane. Turn left into Mill Lane and walk along the lane to a T-junction with Toot Hill Road. Turn right here to reach The Green Man pub in Toot Hill (telephone: 01992 522255) – this does food at lunchtimes and is worth a visit.


Leaving The Green Man pub at Toot Hill, turn left (north) and retrace your steps along Toot Hill Road to where Mill Lane comes in from the left. Walk straight ahead at the junction (keeping to Toot Hill Road) and pass Hilltop Farm on your right.

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